Monday, January 09, 2006

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry by Ridlon $29.95

This book, written for fourth-eighth grade, provides an introduction to the different topics in Chemistry. Written from a general Christian perspective, there is nothing in the book that would pose a problem for Catholic readers. While the book appears hefty at 384 pages, the extra wide 3 inch margins, space devoted to clip art and blank pages that run throughout the book result in a light weight approach to chemistry. Each topic is briefly explained in three-five paragraphs (250- 500 words on average) and is followed by a short “Review It” section made up of fill in the blank questions. A very simple hands-on activity is included with each topic and is followed by a “Think about it” page including two to four short questions for reflection. The “Think about it” questions stand alone on the 8 ½ by 11 page. This book, which could easily be completed over an eight week period of time, would be most suitable as a read aloud to introduce a fifth or sixth grader to the study of Chemistry. While some of the topics in the book are included in high school texts, the information in this book is brief and lacks the depth that would make it a complete elementary science program.

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