Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Review: That Girl of Pierre's

That Girl of Pierre’s by Robert Davis
1948 Bethlehem Books, 179 pps. Softcover

A book of noble character. That is the story of That Girl of Pierre’s. Danielle, her grandmother Mathilde, and younger brother Jeannot finally return to their village of Arsac le Petit near Bordeaux after being on the road for three long grueling years. World War II has ended and they have high hopes of returning home and being reunited with their family.

Their high hopes soon dissolve as one disappointment after another greets them. Determined not to give in to the treachery of the owner of the general store, Danielle overcomes their financial loss through ingenuity.

But there are other worries too. She wonders where her parents are. Are they alive? Are they well? Where too is her Marco, who left long ago to join the army and no one seems to know anything about.

In spite of one after another crisis, her worries and concerns, Danielle’s spunky optimism and clever plans carry the day.

That Girl of Pierre’s is a story of hope and courage in the midst of adversity with a heroine young people will want to cheer for.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Yank (4-25-07)
Available from Bethlehem Books

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