Monday, May 14, 2007

Review: Becky Landers: Frontier Warrior

Becky Landers: Frontier Warrior by Constance Lindsay Skinner
1926, Bethlehem Books, 198 pages, softcover

Becky Landers, being the man of the family, knew that if there was to be turkey on the Christmas dinner table, she would have to provide it.”

So begins this tale (set in Kentucky in 1778). Becky Landers is most certainly a tomboy. Her brother is a captive of the Indians and her father was killed by them some time ago. So Becky must be the man of the family for her rather timid mother and two younger siblings. Determined to find her brother and bring him safely back home, Becky faces many challenges. Not that there weren't enough challenges to everyday life in Kentucky, where this story takes place. As we learn in this book, even getting a Christmas turkey can lead to dangerous and interesting adventures.

Although the story focuses on Becky it also brings in real historical characters including; Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, Simon Kenton and the French De Quindre, on whom "the quality of mercy" makes a deep impression.

Reviewed by Ria Van Hecke (age 14)
Available from Adoremus Books and Leaflet Missal Company

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