Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Auditory Learner Advice

I was wondering if anyone had any interesting advice for the parent of an auditory learner. It takes a lot of time to school this child because I have to read everything out loud to her. If she reads silently to herself, she barely comprehends anything. She's in fifth grade this year and there is so much I have to read! Any advice?


Love2Learn Mom said...

My two oldest are auditory. They enjoy a lot of audio books (try to challenge their reading level a bit too that way) and they really enjoy reading onto a tape and listening to it afterwards.

Don't know how to make the lesson reading simpler. My 10 year old, especially, needs me to sit with him when introducing a new lesson, even if he's the one to read it aloud.

Nancy C. Brown said...

I will try the tape thing, we haven't done that yet. She loves audio books and I do that mostly for fiction, but I suppose I could look and see if non-fiction comes that way as well.
And she's 10, too!

I think because she's #2 and #1 is so self-sufficiently non-needy, it's just that I am not used to it. By this age, the older one could sit down and just read through her lesson plans and pretty much do things on her own to a large extent.

Mary G said...


You might check your library -- ours just added "downloadable audiobooks" to our choices. So it's expanded greatly our ability to obtain them. And alot of the downloadable seem to be nonfiction -- lots of language stuff, etc.

Hope this helps....


Mary G said...
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Nancy C. Brown said...

Hi Mary,
I will check into that. Then, do you listen to the "books" on the computer?

Mary G said...


I haven't tried it yet but I believe you have a "timed" download to your computer that self-deletes (I have visions of Mr. Phelps and his tape machine from the old Mission Impossibles) unless you re-new the loan.....

I'll look into it further and get back with you, ok?

Mary G said...


I've downloaded my first book and I see how it's done. This is through "", if that helps.

You get up to 10 books downloaded to your computer or media player for 21 days. The download is encrypted so that it will NOT play on the 22nd day unless you've renewed it before the time is up -- then it renews for an additional 21 days.

You can play it on your computer, pda, mp3 player, IPOD, etc (if you have all the right drivers etc).

It's a pretty neat way to be able to access many more aduiobooks than njust going to the library. They have juvenile lit too (I just downloaded Lad-a-Dog).

Hope this helps.


Nancy C. Brown said...

Thanks, Mary. It looks very interesting, but of course, after all that, my library doesn't "subscribe" to netlibrary.
I sort of remember a conversation about a year ago where they didn't think they needed to offer e-books.

Our library seems to have an excellent fiction collection on either cassette or CD, but I can't seem to find out if they have non-fiction. I'll just have to look next time I go.

Thanks for checking into it for me, it sounds like a great resource.