Friday, August 19, 2005

Exciting Time of Year

It is so fun when the kids are just itching to start school. Mine see their books all lined up and ask, "Can I look at my books?" Part of me want so say "No" and hold that suspense there for one more week...but then I give in because I want them to keep that excitement.

I bought them the Catholic Student Planner ( after sitting next to Michele at the conference ;-) and they've been writing in their prayer intentions, using it to recall which rosary mystery to say each day, anticipating lessons which will be written there....

It is a very good feeling to have them so excited that they are eager to start.

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Love2Learn Mom said...

I love building up that back-to-school excitement too. New school supplies and books, back to dance and gymnastics classes... I let them at a few books in late summer, but hold most of it back until the big first day of school. To me that was a piece of the fun of school that I want to share with my children as well.