Thursday, August 04, 2005

Feeling Guilty

Why do I always feel guilty?
Today, I was running through what I need for my 8th grader. Lessons plans for all subjects are ready and waiting. Except for Science. She's ahead and did 8th grade work last year, so she's not doing "official" science this year. She can't really go a day without science, (because she loves it and studies it on her own) but she does so much on her own, I don't have to "make" her do "official" science this year.

But I feel guilty. No lesson plans for science. I think: Am I an adequate mother? Should I make her to 9th grade science this year? What will I write down that we did for science? Oh the angst of being a homeschooling mother, all the responsibility goes right back to---well, ME!

Sometimes I wonder if parents who send their kids to school feel this way?


Love2Learn Mom said...

Yes, how true. In a way, though, I see that guilt as a healthy sign (although I'm sure it can be taken to an extreme). It seems better to be feeling a little guilty or worried at times than be over-confident. Here is slightly related post from Studeo on humility: click here

Nancy C. Brown said...

Yes, I suppose feeling a little "guilty" is the opposite of feeling overly confident, as the nun in the story was.

I don't think I'm extreme, and its nice to know its normal, and in fact, perhaps a good sign. It means I care a lot about what I'm doing with my children, enough to think and worry about it, and that helps me continue to pursue a course that is best for them.

Maureen Wittmann said...

Well, Nancy if she likes science and is ahead why not just let her pick a science topic that she really likes and then design her own science plan for this school year. Last year Christian used Laura Berquist's syllabus for ninth grade science and it was enjoyable. If she likes to read she could check out biographies of scientists to read throughout the year. You can record it as History of Science. I'll send my science reading list to you if you like. BTW -- Knowing your 8th grader through the online writers' club, she is doing great. No need for guilt.

Nancy C. Brown said...

Thanks Maureen and Dr. Thursday, I will check out both suggestions.