Tuesday, August 02, 2005

That Organization Time of Year

I've always enjoyed organizing things (definitely more than cleaning), so I actually look forward to late summer and that final push to get things ready for the start of a new school year. I also enjoy capturing the fun of "back to school" that I enjoyed as a child. We deliberately save art materials, new books and other goodies until the first day of school.

One thing I've never worked out to my satisfaction is a way to organize each child's school books and materials. We've tried plastic milk-crates, designated shelves in the living room and plastic drawers on wheels. Nothing has been quite right - pencils fall through holes, wheels break off cheap drawers, etc.

Next week we're going to try a new project that I think will be both helpful and fun. I noticed that Home Depot carries small, unfinished wood cabinets for about $30. There is one door and two shelves.
We did a trial run with an old cabinet we have around for my 9 year old son this year. It was really nice since it was part bookshelf (instead of trying to stuff textbooks and binders into drawers) and had plenty of room for some small plastic drawers for art supplies and such.

We're planning on buying a wooden cabinet for each child, mounting them on caster wheels and letting the children help paint and decorate the outside. (I love the "oops!" paint from Home Depot - $5 a gallon - they can each pick a color!). One of my children wants to decorate with stencils, another to try to "decoupage" a world map on one side. Another possibility - making one side of the cupboard magnetic with a special spray paint. We'll either buy some small plastic drawers to set in the top shelf or build-in a small wooden drawer (depending on how ambitious my husband is).

I'll let you know how they turn out. :)

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