Friday, November 04, 2005

Additions to the State-by-State Reading List

Jennifer sent in these contributions to the State-by-State Reading List:

I was just introduced to the love 2 learn blog through Flying Stars blog. Both are awesome sites. I linked to the State by State Literature reccommendations and found the list to be worth perusing. Here are a couple of books we just read that might be helpful to your readers.

The Copper Lady by Alice Ross and Kent Ross - historical fiction (New York) about a young boy who works hard as an apprentice to a copper worker in France and eventually makes it to New York City with the Statue of Liberty. Although the entire story takes place in France and on a ship en route to America, I think it will give kids an understanding of the immense amount of work it took for France to build Lady Liberty and their sacrifice to give it as a gift to America.

The Hundred Penny Box by Sharon Bell Mathis - (Georgia) a family shows campassion to the sick by taking in Aunt Dew who is 100 years old. She has a box of 100 pennies, each representing a year in her life. As her young nephew Mike says the year of the penny she reminisces on her life. This book helps readers to gain an appreciation for the African-American dialect and lifestyle. Slavery is addressed briefly, alzheimers/dementia is eluded to.

Hope these help fill in some gaps in your list.


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