Thursday, November 03, 2005

Holding Hands and the Lord's Prayer

I know that there are theological reasons for and against the holding of hands during the Lord's Prayer, but I'd like to talk about the practical. I suspect that the person who made the decision to hold hands did not have young children.

I have had to, on more than one occasion, break up small fights in our pew over the holding of hands. The fight is never the same. Sometimes there'll be three children fighting over who gets to hold one of Mommy's two hands. Sometimes the problem is that a certain girl doesn't want a certain brother holding her hand, even though he loudly insists. Then there is the power squeeze -- ouch.

I suppose that I shouldn't complain, that's nothing compared to the mayhem during the Sign of Peace . . .


Love2Learn Mom said...

Very fair thoughts, Maureen. I also suspect that the handholding phenomena doesn't score many points with teenage boys, unless they're using the opportunity to socialize with their girlfriends.

On the parenting side, I've also found that communion on the tongue has serious practical advantages when juggling small children.

Nancy C. Brown said...

I actually have more of a problem with the contageous aspects of it.
We were on vacation once, and had all managed to stay healthy through the week of travel. We searched and found a nice church, and then managed to sit right in front of typhoid Mary, coughed ominously. Of course, she extended her hand with a big smile, and of course, we had to shake it. Uggh.
I really, really appreciate it when people shake their heads, hold in their hands close to themselves, and say, "Peace! I have a cold..." so I don't have to share the germs, as well.
There are times when I recall the days of my youth, when we girls had to wear gloves to mass...and it seems like a good idea, even for now!