Friday, December 09, 2005

Narnia Study/Discussion Questions

Our family can' t wait to finally see the Narnia movie tonight.

For those of you reading the Chronicles of Narnia, you might be interested in these study questions. My big sister wrote these questions for my younger brothers and me when we were just starting homeschooling (I was actually doing dual homeschooling and parochial school for a few months as I finished up my eighth grade year - my parents pulled my brothers out of school in March or April and we dove right into literature studies with my sister - who was married and expecting her first child.)

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Mary G said...


These are wonderful study questions -- htanks for posting them. I read LTHTW to my younger ones and we're going to see themovie next Thursday. They love the book and we have the old BBC videos, but I haven't started reading the others to them yet. When we do, these questions sure will come in handy!

Thank you sister for us.