Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New Blog Contributor

I'd like to welcome Melissa Wiley to the Love2learn Blog family. Melissa is a Catholic homeschool mom of four (going on five). She shares wonderful books, ideas and family stories on her blog Here in the Bonny Glen. She is also the author of the Martha Years and the Charlotte Years books about Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandmother and great-grandmother (published by HarperCollins). Thanks so much for joining us Lissa!!!


Melissa Wiley said...

Thanks for the welcome! I'm delighted to be here!


Jen said...

I am very interested in contributing to Love2Learn Blog. Are new contributors invited, is this a juried group? Please post an answer here. Thanks!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Why don't you e-mail me webmaster@love2learn.net and we can chat about it. Sorry I didn't notice your note until today.

Merry Christmas!