Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Geography Blog

My ten year old son, who is a self-described Geography Freak is starting a blog with some help from mom. Please take a peek here. We'll be journaling what we're studying and discovering as well as trying to encourage "The Map Guy's" siblings and friends to get more interested in Geography. We're aiming to cover a continent every two months so that we get through six continents (we'll skip Antarctica for now) by next year's National Geographic Geography Bee.

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Jen said...

Are you familiar with the Families of the World video series? Each video is 30 minutes, including two 15 minute segments, one about a rural family and one urban. The series includes countries such as Israel, Ghana, Great Britain, China, USA, Mexico, Egypt, Japan and many others. Our whole family enjoys these videos. Good luck with the Geography Bee!