Saturday, February 18, 2006

Catholic Homeschool Blogs

If you'd like to be added to our list, please provide your URL in the comment section.


Mary G said...


You don't have mine -- St. Athanasius Academy: living/loving/learning in the home

Crimson Wife said...

Please add my new HS blog to your list. It is called "Bending Twigs" and the URL is

Alice said...

Thank you for including my blog in this excellent list.

Ebeth said...

Thank you so very much for adding my blog as well. I feel that I am in the company of some great, inspired, and truly spiritual company.

Christie said...

hi!! My family and I are just starting to homeschool. Out homeschool blog is

Thank you!

Soul Pockets said...

We are a Catholic family soon to be starting the jouney of homeschooling this fall.

My blog is called Soul Pockets

Thank you so much, Kelly

AnnieZS said...

To Catholic Homeschooling moms and families! I have started a blog on my life as a Catholic homeschooler mom, wife, and more. Please visit: