Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Othercott Begins Friday!

This has to be the most fun and ingenious way of "protesting" the release of the Da Vinci code movie. I've already mentioned it on this blog, before, but here's a reminder. The concept that's sweeping the Internet and the country rather rapidly is to take your family to see a silly animated feature (one with the same release date as Da Vinci Code), have some laughs, but also make a statement. The movie is Dreamworks' Over the Hedge (and keep in mind that it is PG). The idea is to "rock the box office" by sneaking the opening weekend results away from the expected winner. Here's the full scoop... and

Admittedly, Over the Hedge isn't the kind of movie we're strongly attracted to (we lean more toward The Incredibles and Finding Nemo in the animated movies department), but we'll all be there this weekend. It's easily the most promising of all the releases this weekend. You can see a list of those here. Pass the popcorn!


RC said...

Enjoy the film...

Actually I thought it looked sort of dumb at first but every preview and thing I see about it makes me think othercotters will have a good time.

--RC of

Nancy C. Brown said...

We're in!
What's cool is that the youth group my daughter belongs to is going to do it, too.