Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Catholic Liberal Arts College on the Block

This sounds interesting...

Wyoming Catholic College

All professors and teachers of theology are required to obtain a mandatum.

They have a solid advisory board (James Schall, Dominic Aquila and Mitchell Kalpakgian).

And it's designed to encourage a love of the outdoors. Freshman Orientation is a three week backpacking, wilderness expedition with experts from the nearby "National Outdoor Leadership School" (this is partly intended to provide the students with skills to safely enjoy the surrounding wilderness during their college years).

hat-tip Margaret


Mary G said...

This Wyoming Catholic sounds great -- kind of a TAC but in the great outdoors. As a matter of fact one of the admissions/profs is a TAC grad who taught over in Austria for a while.

I'm hoping one of my kids goes -- if not, maybe I should!

federoff9 said...

TAC faculty had a hand in creating WCC. (I know this because Dr. Seeley from TAC told my daughter this!) My daughter is DYING to go to WCC, and we've spoken to the president, Fr. Cook. (Turns out he's friends with our pastor! Small world!) I hope this college really takes off. What a fantastic idea to engage student's minds AND bodies in God's marvelous creation!