Saturday, November 18, 2006

Catholic Higher Education - Helpful Links and Reading

The National Catholic Register Survey of Catholic Colleges covers the mandatum, an oath of fidelity to the Church, the school's policy on co-ed dorms and several other issues. has some articles on the Mandatum here.

Read Pope John Paul II's related document Ex Corde Ecclesiae (On Catholic Universities) here.

The Cardinal Newman Society has an informative website.

There's an e-mail list for Catholic homeschool parents preparing their children for college, choosing a college and working through the admissions process.

Helpful Reading for Parents:

Handing on the Faith in an Age of Disbelief by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and others
(talks from conferences held in 1983 in France)

Another Sort of Learning: Selected Contrary Essays on How Finally to Acquire an Education While Still in College or Anywhere Else: Containing Some Belated Advice about How to Employ Your Leisure Time When Ultimate Questions Remain Perplexing in Spite of Your Highest Earned Academic Degree, Together with Sundry Book Lists Nowhere Else in Captivity to Be Found by Fr. James V. Schall (Fr. Schall also has a related website with lots of interesting reading here)

A Student's Guide to the Core Curriculum by Mark C. Henrie (and other titles in this series from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute)

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I am having trouble navigating through the Cardinal Newman Society website... anyone else having the same problem?
Thanks for this post-- I joined the yahoo group!