Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dayton Catholic Homeschooling Conference

If you live anywhere near Dayton, Oh., pre-registration for their Catholic Homeschooling conference is open. Ray Guerendi is one of the speakers and he is absolutely awesome to see. I'm sure, given his popularity, that the conference will fill up very fast. So make sure to register early!

There is also a teen track, so bring your teens!!!

The website is: Dayton Catholic Homeschool Network.
The dates are Friday May 18th and Saturday May 19th.
The place is St. Peter Church, Reiss Center, 6161 Chambersburg Rd., Dayton.

Also speaking are:
Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Mike Donnelly of HSLDA
Dr. Kevin Schmeising of
Fr. Steve Mondeik
Fr. Frank Amberger
Maureen Wittmann

Some of the vendors so far: Seton Home Study School, Math-U-See, God's Gracious Gifts, One More Soul, and Usborne Books.

Did I mention to register early?

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