Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Support Your Local Catholic Homeschool Blog...

First of all, I'd like to ask for prayer for Heather from the Homeschool Blog Awards who learned today that she has a brain tumor. I can't help thinking that the timing of her finding out this difficult news during the annual awards might be God's way of having us surround her with prayer and support.

And I have to mention here how tickled I am that this blog and my friend Mary Ellen's beautiful Christmas blog have been running neck-and-neck for the Best Group or Family Blog. There was a day in which Catholic homeschool support on the Internet was meagre at best. It seems that those times are officially over! :)

Oh yes, and by the way, all the new reviews showing up here aren't because of the Blog Awards, but because it's Easter break and we have a bit more time to plug through long-planned reviews. Your prayers are appreciated for our work (as always), especially since the wonderful and talented Suchi Myjak (author of CHC's Behold and See and love2learn review board member) is currently working on the beginnings of our long-hoped-for automation of the entire love2learn site. I am so grateful for all who have come together to make this project possible. Suchi's is a daunting task to bring sense and order to nearly 10 years of reviews and other content with essentially no budget.


Leticia said...

I voted for Love2Learn; it's one of my favorite blogs!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thanks, Leticia!