Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Catholic Homeschool E-mail Lists (and more)

E-mail lists (also known as listserves or listservs) allow groups of people to discuss particular topics via e-mail. A moderator determines who belongs to the list and has some control over message content. Each member will receive copies of everyone's messages sent to their e-mail address. You may not want to sign up for more than one list at a time as the quantity of mail can sometimes be overwhelming. For information about starting our own e-mail list, visit the YahooGroups website.

I have no control over content or moderation of any of these lists. To the best of my knowledge, each is run by a Catholic homeschooler.

CathSwap. List for buying and selling used curricula and other items related to Catholic homeschooling.

Catholic Charlotte Mason Living books, nature study, narration, etc. from a Catholic perspective.

Catholic Classical Education (CCE) Discussions relating to materials and implementation of Classical education from a Catholic perspective - especially appropriate for those trying to implement ideas Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum by Laura Berquist, the programs of Kolbe Academy or St. Thomas Aquinas and/or The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers.

Catholichh Incorporating the liturgical year into daily lives as homeschool families.

College4CathHS Homeschooling high schoolers and handling college admissions.

The History Place. This is a place to discuss teaching and learning history in your Catholic homeschool.

Homeschool Library Connection. Moderator Nancy Brown is the only one to post to this list. Just one email per week, Nancy promotes getting homeschooling books in to public libraries.

Homeschool Widows Catholic operated but (because of the focused nature of the group) membership is open to non-Catholics as well - emphasis on practical side of coping with children and homeschooling as a widowed parent.

Literature Alive! Moderated by Cay Gibson, this is a discussion group for those who love literature and use real books in their homeschools.

Little Saints Discussions relating to teaching Catholic preschoolers at home - especially for those using the "Little Saints" program.

Sonlight Catholic A Catholic support group for homeschoolers using the Protestant, literature-based Sonlight program (members aren't required to be signed up for the entire program, many sign up for one or two subjects) and adjusting and substituting to form a Catholic curriculum. The Sonlight program makes a deliberate attempt to avoid anti-Catholic materials in their program, but there are very few overtly Catholic books included.

The Thrifty Homeschooler. Moderator Maureen Wittmann is the only one to post to this list. Never more than one email per day, the goal is to support homeschooling families who are living on a limited income. Tips, ideas, and support.

Unschooling Catholics "We are a welcoming and supportive discusssion list of Catholic families sharing how unschooling works in different families in different ways. Our goal is to share information, ideas, thoughts and experiences and be a place for resources, inquiry, discussion and support, with charity at the forefront. Some families may be 'pure unschoolers' while others are dipping in and we respect all members as they find what is best for their families and the education and growth of their children. Some primary influences for Catholic Unschooling are Pope JPII, St. John Bosco."

Other Catholic E-mail Lists of Interest:

Pope St. Nicholas V. As featured in This Rock. Moderator Ana Braga-Henebry is the only one to post to this list. Just one email per week, this list's goal is to get great Catholic books into public libraries.

Special Kids Moms. For Catholic moms with special needs children. Many homeschoolers on this list.

Other E-mail Lists of Interest:

Moms Who Blog

Please let me know of additional lists (or information about any defunct lists) in the comments below.

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I have taken over posting for Maureen at PopeStNickV List a few weeks ago. Just posted one earlier today, a new publication by Ignatius Press. Thanks for this post-- very informative!