Friday, August 31, 2007

Some Interesting Reads for the New School Year...

"I Love Homeschooling, I Hate Homeschooling" by Danielle Bean

"On Kindergarten" by Fr. George Rutler

Wishing all of you God's blessings on your new school year. We here at Love2learn have been very busy with automating the new site, among other things. Our amazing technical administrator has informed me that we're coming very close to the final transfer and offered these rather amazing statistics on the process so far (these figures do not include the reviews and other info present on this blog - just the stuff from the old site):

844 Reviews
455 path aliases to provide "friendly" URLs to match the old site
151 Sample Pages
89 index, link, and resource pages
340 taxonomy terms, divided among 6 vocabularies: subject, age level, resource type, reviewer, setting, and person of interest

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