Monday, December 31, 2007

Thanks and Congratulations are in order...

I've been planning on posting a special thank you to Andrew Schmiedicke of Veraprise for doing a great job as our web-hosting guy for nearly ten years! Andrew's done great work for us and we are all very grateful for him and for Veraprise. Unfortunately we've had to switch web-hosting companies at this point as our new Drupal-run software requires a Linux-based server.

But what better time to post this Thank You than when I also get to congratulate him on the birth of a new baby...

An Irish Blessing To Welcome a New Baby:

May you always walk in sunshine.
May you never want for more.
May Irish angels rest their wings beside your nursery door.
And for the proud parents:
May God grant youa wee bit of heaven
to cradle in your arms -a sweet bonny baby to hold close to your heart
A newborn babe
brings light to the house
warmth to the hearth
and joy to the soul
for wealth is family
family is wealth.

Andrew and his wife, Regina Doman, gave birth to Paula in the wee hours of this morning. You can see a picture of the beautiful baby here. Regina, as you probably know, is the author of a number of engaging Catholic books for teens, including my personal favorite, The Shadow of the Bear.

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