Thursday, January 24, 2008

Book Giveaway - How to Introduce Your Child to Classical Music plus Audio CD!

How to Introduce Your Child to Classical Music in Fifty-Two Easy Lessons by Leslie and Robert Spencer
2000, Emmanuel Books, softcover

The 52 weekly lessons are divided up into 5 sections: Introductory symphonicworks, symphonies and related works, concerti, smaller-scale works, andsacred music. Each week features one particular famous classical piece andincludes background on that piece for the teaching parent along withlistening tips---what to listen for. There are also questions for eachpiece organized into four levels of difficulty, designed to get you to thinkabout the music. The authors suggest going through the course once focusingon the "Level 1" questions, then again on the "Level 2" questions, and so onuntil they have completed the "Level 4" questions... or...going through alllevels with one particular piece before moving onto another one.

This is truly a "Music Appreciation" course, as there is no discussion of technique and performance nor exercises in music reading and such as that. It appears to be an easy-to-implement, enjoyable way to learn to recognize the most famous works of music as well as to learn a little about them.

Donated by Emmanuel Books

This lucky winner will also receive the first audio CD recommended in this book. It's a recording of A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra and Peter and the Wolf.

We have so many books to give away that we've added additional drawings each week! If you'd like to be entered in this drawing, please leave a comment before tomorrow (January 25) at noon (Pacific time) and check soon afterwards to see if you've won! Our next drawing will begin on Monday - so please check back then too!

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