Monday, January 14, 2008

Book Giveaway - A Picture-Perfect Childhood

A Picture-Perfect Childhood: Enhancing your child's imagination and education in 15 minutes a day by Cay Gibson

This title is so new that we don't yet have a review available at Love2learn (I'm eager to see the book myself!). Here is a description from the author in the meantime:

A Picture Perfect Childhood explores the simple concept of enjoying, educating and exploring the mind of your child in 15 minutes a day. This book goes beyond read alouds. This book shows you no matter how busy you are, no matter how short on time you are, no matter how dirty your house is, no matter how stressed you have time to read, travel, study, talk, dance, paint, write, sing and wonder each day with your child? All you have to do is stop time. That's right! Stop time...for 15 minutes!

Picture books make an excellent catalyst for transporting children into areas of study they would not normally be interested in. Picture books can be used to enhance the child’s imagination, comprehension, and desire for learning…as well as the adult’s…and it only takes 15-minutes a day.

A Picture Perfect Childhood includes booklists that effortlessly introduce children to a handful of history, a slice of science, a mutton of math, a plate of poetry, a measure of music, and a grain of geography to round off the child’s educational exposure.

It also includes a twelve-month historical timeline booklist, a feasting of picture books with recipes, a list of picture books for teaching virtues to children, and booklists for traveling the USA or various countries overseas.

A special feature is the Petit Fours for Mothers which offers mothers a prescribed reading list for those times they are weary, heart-sick, overwhelmed, and overburden. I hope it renews your spirit, resolves your concerns, relaxes you, and benefits you intellectually, mentally,emotionally, and spiritually.

Many thanks to the author, Cay Gibson for donating this title to our giveaway.

If you'd like to be entered in this drawing, please leave a comment before Tuesday night (January 15th) at midnight and check back on Wednesday morning to see if you've won!

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