Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bloggers' session at MN conference this year!

Yes, that's right! A fireside chat session at the MN Conference just for Catholic Homeschool bloggers... or bloggers wannabes, or blog readers! From the schedule page:

Homeschool Bloggers
Fireside Room, Murray-Herrick Center

Blogging ("web logging," which is described as online journaling) has become a part of many homeschool moms' lives. Catholic homeschool blogs have appeared all over the internet in the past couple of years, with bloggers eagerly sharing their experiences and developing online friendships. If you have a blog, like to visit blogs, or especially if you think it'd be nice to have a blog someday, come to this informal chat session. Meet regional Catholic homeschool bloggers in person, share some of your favorite blogs and ask questions about blogging and its benefits! Blogger and homeschool mom of seven Ana Braga-Henebry will lead the session -- and she promises humor and helpful hints too!

I love this conference and since moving to S. Dakota I haven't missed it! I will lead the blogging session and also be part of the High School panel.

Hope to see Love2Learn friends there!

Read about it here.

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