Wednesday, July 23, 2008

St. Paul Timeline for "Year of St. Paul"

Last summer, Pope Benedict XVI announced a "Year of St. Paul, the Apostle," to begin next Monday (June 28).

Steve Ray has a free downloadable "St. Paul Timeline" on this page. (Scroll down a bit to find it.) Of course there's lots of other great stuff at his site, including his Footprints of God series.

Our Sunday Visitor's site is also offering a bunch of informative materials on St. Paul including printables for kids.


Mary G said...

Very cool! Thanks for posting ... I linked this post on 4real as we were just discussing Pauline year things ....

and I've printed my own copy of Steve Ray's timeline -- which is a great graphic! And goes well with his Paul dvd!

Alice Gunther said...

I can really use this--thank you!