Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TODAY ONLY: 10% discount on Saint Costumes from Our Coats of Many Colors

We found out just yesterday about a 10% discount at a small company that makes beautiful saint costumes that actually expired yesterday. As a favor to us (because we really did want to share this info), they've agreed to extend the sale for one more day. You see, they need enough time to fill all of their orders for beautiful hand-made saint costumes in time for All Saints Day.

Today is the last day to get a 10% discount on any costume/costumes from Our Coats of Many Colors. To get the discount you have to type ONEMORE just like that (all caps, squished together) in the place for coupon codes and then hit "Recalculate". Don't forget to hit "Recalculate" or it won't work and you'll miss out!

Here's a note from our Love2learn reviewer Maria Rioux who has been helping this company with ideas:

I've been helping Debbie develop new costumes and improve old ones. This year Juan Diego has Our Lady of Guadalupe imprinted on his tilma! :) We also have a unit study for Juan, but it's not completely done. St. Nicholas isn't pictured on the new website (which has been really difficult to work with. Sorry for the small pictures. We're going to fix that when things slow down after All Saint's Day.) but he looks great! He looks just like St. Patrick except that his miter and chasuble are red and gold.

For Tolkien fans, we also have some elven dresses and cloaks, with other costumes in the works.

Keep checking back because the next thing we're working on is a clothing line for girls and young women. The styles will be both pure and pretty.

Here are some links to what others have been saying about the beautiful costumes from Our Coats of Many Colors (hint: because Our Coats of Many Colors has been having some problems with their website, I strongly recommend clicking through to ALL of these reviews - particularly because of the beautiful photos, which aren't readily available on the website):

Love2learn Review
Karen Edmisten
Ana Braga-Henebry
Maureen Wittmann
Minnesota Mom

The costumes are not inexpensive, but when you see the beauty of the details - many of these costumes have four or five pieces to them - all beautifully crafted (I can tell you because I've had some for three years now that they hold up beautifully through lots of play, lots of washings, etc.). Even the clasps (to be found on cloaks and such) are absolutely beautiful, sturdy and child-friendly.

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