Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ana's Picture books of the Week

Twenty-Odd Ducks: Why, Every Punctuation Mark Counts!, by Lynne Truss, 2008 Putnam's Sons, 32 pages.

Lynne Truss does it again, this time stressing the correct use of the hyphen, parenthesis, question and exclamation marksand also more comma use. I feel that my younger kids will have a wonderful and visual grasp of punctuation as they grow up exposed to Truss' humour and fresh approach to grammar! If you haven't enjoyed her first punctuationpicture books, don't miss them: Eats, Shoots and leaves andThe Girl's like Spaghetti

Greater Estimations by Bruce Goldstone,  2008 Henry Holt, 32 pages.
You may have enjoyed, like we have, Great Estimations in the past. I was happy to find in the library this week a brand new sequel by the same author!

Greater Estimations deals still with estimations, as as the cover says, it deals with greater estimations. Be prepared for some large numbers, and if you read it aloud it may generate some fun discussions! I had lunch today with my friend and neighbor Mary Daly, the author of the well-known homeschool science program entitled The Universe in My Hands, and over some awesome enchiladas after our bishop's pro-life mass we discussed how so few people have a good grasp of how many a million is. Or even one thousand. We went on to estimate the chips in the basket next to the yummy salsa!

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