Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ana's Picture Book of the Week

I begin this week's picture book post with an email from a dear reader in Canada:
Ana, I just had to write and tell you that I now have a "stalker" at my local library. I have been faithfully ordering in your 'picture book of the week' for months and months now. And enjoying every one of them. (I order them through our inter-library loan service, which is free!) One of the younger librarians admitted to me last week that she always watches the picture books I return, and she scoops them and reads them! Don't worry, Ana, I gave you full credit. Thanks so much. You have an appreciative audience up north. K. H.
It is hard to describe the feeling of receiving such a nice email... to know I have friends so far way... it is a deeply gratifying and wonderful feeling. Thanks, K.!

This week I want to post about one of my country's heroes...

Pele, King of Soccer by Monica Brown, 2009 HarperCollins, 34 pages.

Warm illustrations full of movement tell the story of the world's genius of soccer from his humble beginnings to his post professional carer as an ambassador for the world's most popular and well-loved sport.

I am naturally skeptical when picking up a book that has to do with my own origins: this colorful and friendly volume surpassed my expectations and took me back to my country inside its originally illustrated pages! A great choice for when you are doing an elementary school level unit study on Brazil and needing a picture book.

The book is bilingual and while I wish it were in Portuguese, Brazil's language, it will serve Spanish students well.


ScienceMom said...

Ana, that is such a neat comment! We have also enjoyed some of your picture-book recommendations.

Willa said...

Pele was a hero in French Switzerland when I lived there in the late 70's. My little brother lived and breathed Pele for a couple of years. The book looks really good!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I enjoyed it very much and I am happy to pass the title around!