Monday, February 01, 2010

Ana's Picture Book of the Week

Heidi by Joahana Spryi and Maja Dusikova 2009 NorthSouth Books, 32 pages. ISBN: 0735822271

I chose this book a while back... but January is a busy month for us as the weather seems to make every outing take twice as long! I just renewed it for the second time!

We listened to Heidi last semester, the unabridged version, and then watched at least a couple of different versions of the story on film. So, we know the story well, and we know this picture book offers a very abridged version of the book. And yet, what won our hearts over this book are the illustrations! No book or film version seem to portray Heidi as in the darling illustrations by Maja Dusikova.

Done in watercolor, the illustrations take you to the Alpine mountains and truly reflect the beauty and delight of that region as described in the well-loved book by Johana Spryi! The characters, the mountain huts, life in the city, it is all done so faithfully to the book. I can't help but feel that the talented illustrator must both love this book and know that region very well.

A wonderful way to introduce the classic story to young children!

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