Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ana's Picture Book of the Week

I have been busy fishing up a wonderful project: a workbook for Sea to Shining Sea of the Catholic textbook Project.

But here are two very recent publications I must post about, picked up at the library last week.

The first one is Mama Miti, by Donna Jo Napoli, a new book about a story that has been told in at least a couple of picture books before. One of them I posted here a while back. Read about a woman responsible for a renaissance of tree-planting in Kenya, aNobel prize winner, and also a graduate of Benedictine college! The illustrator was careful in using a very authentic style!

The second book is The Tree that Time Built, a book of poems selected by Mary Ann Hoberman, U.S. children's Poet Laureate and author of our family's favorite picture book, the Seven Silly Eaters. However you feel about Darwin and his ideas on Evolution, you will love the myriad of poems all revolving on the natural world, many by Hoberman herself.

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