Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don Matteo, priest-detective TV series on DVD

Don Matteo, Italian production for television, 1999-2000. Read about it on Ignatius Press page and the positive customer reviews on Amazon.

Does anyone remember the Trinity movies? My family loved those when I was a teenager... I remember Mother laughing so much. Terence Hill was the main actor of those Western films, and he is back as a good Catholic priest in Don Matteo. Our whole family has been watching one episode at a time and we love it!

The priest has a funny housekeeper, and two policemen-sidekicks who make my kids laugh out loud! Together, and with Don Matteo's loving heart, good Catholic morals and excellent detective skills, they solve various interesting murder mysteries. Last night we watched Murder in the Library, where Don Matteo is called to Rome to solve a murder of a scripture scholar, all filmed in the Vatican!

This is an Italian production and it is not dubbed, but the subtitles are well-done and my kids can handle them well. We were all saying Italian expressions by the end of the show! Enjoy! Available from Ignatius Press, Amazon or Netflix.


Phyllis said...

We love this show too and my kids are asking for more!

Phyllis said...

As my wife already mentioned we loved the series. I have not been fortunate enough yet to catch the Trinity series (although I keep trying), but I wanted to mention that he also stars (opposite Henry Fonda) in what I consider to be the best "end of the West" Western "My Name is Nobody"

Kris Livovich said...

We loved, loved, loved the Trinity movies when I was little. My father would laugh until he cried watching those shows. Glad to see there are others to watch.