Thursday, October 28, 2010

Children's Picture Books in German

I've always been fascinated by books written in another language. When studying Latin, how can you forgo owning Cat in the Hat written in Latin? Years ago when the children were little and studying French for a year, I found children's stories on audio at Barnes & Noble and knew that would be a really fun way to implement our lessons.

This all leads me to tell you about a new discovery this week. Alecia Rolling is currently writing a series of blog posts reviewing German children's books. Alecia teaches Latin and German for Homeschool Connections. Also, German is the primary language spoken in her home. Another fascinating thing to me -- her children are growing up in a bilingual home.

So, if you're learning German in your homeschool, or are planning it in the future, you absolutely must click over to Alecia's blog.

You may be able to find some of the books she reviews through inter-library loan at your public library but it would be nice to own a few for your home library too. Alecia has set up a German bookstore for your convenience. She's even put in a Euro-Dollar converter at the bottom of the blog page.

So, go check it out and see what German literary treasures you may discover.

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