Saturday, November 19, 2011

Maureen's Picture Book of the Week?

I know this is Ana's territory but I don't think she'll mind if I pop in here to give a recommendation.

Chickens to the Rescue, by John Himmelman [Henry Holt and Company]

This is just a plain fun book. I mean, come on, when aren't crazy chickens fun?

Chickens to the Rescue is for the very young and the very young at heart. The illustrations are colorful and will most certainly make you smile.

I won't give away the intricate plot (that's a little picture book sarcasm) other than to say that the chickens save the farm day after day from the crazy mayhem of the family. Well, except for Sunday. Sunday is a day for rest even for super hero chickens.

Make sure to put Chickens to the Rescue on your list for the next trip to the public library. Enjoy!

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