Monday, January 14, 2013

Ana's Picture book of the Week

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Hardcover) by Carmen T. Bernier-Grand, illustrated by Tonya Engel, Amazon Children's Publishing 2012
I never cease to be marveled by the wonder-full story of Guadalupe. This new picture book does a fabulous job of retelling it, with historical accuracy, gentleness, and vibrant illustrations. This lovely book will make a very nice gift to a child, and the child's older siblings and parents will enjoy it as well. 
Although the story of Guadalupe is one of the most well-known Catholic stories, the effects of this historical event are intricately woven in Mexican-American history. I believe this book will be of interest to any reader, independent of denomination, because of its historical ramifications. In the millions who visit the largest Marian shrine in the world in Mexico, there are many who are there for historical and cultural interest. A high quality, beautiful picture book! Highly recommended.

Note: The "See Inside" feature on Amazon for this book is very generous and one can see much of the book including the excellent Author's Note at the end.

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