Thursday, February 16, 2017

Exciting new option for homeschoolers to get college credit

Homeschool Connections has partnered with Franciscan University of Steubenville to offer an exciting option for homeschoolers seeking to get college credit for courses taken during high-school. Or actually, dual credit -- for both high school and college.

Initially, there are three courses being offered, with additional course offerings to be added in the future. HSC members will receive a 10% discount, but this discount is taken off a lower price than the in-person tuition rate. So, as Maureen Wittmann explains:

A little comparison for you: FUS's part-time, in-person tuition is currently $840 per credit hour. The typical course is three credit hours each. So one 3-hour course on campus would be $2,520. A dual enrollment course online would only be $900 (full price) or $810 (HSC discounted price).

The credits can be applied to an FUS degree, or transferred to any college that accepts transfer credit from Franciscan.

For more information, see Franciscan U's new page on their Homeschool Connections agreement and their news release about the tuition discount. HSC's dual enrollment page is currently under construction, but should soon have more information and answers to FAQ.

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