Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Books, books, and more books

Of course, that means bookshelves, bookshelves, and more bookshelves. It's the classic story for homeschoolers: there's no such thing as Too Many Books, but the corollary is that there's definitely such a thing as Too Few Bookshelves.

Alicia's post on organization got me to thinking about this. I just finished my annual summer project of cleaning off, dusting, and organizing every single bookshelf in the house. (At last count, that was something like 38 shelves, grouped in bookcases of 3 or 4 shelves, plus a few miscellaneous shelves on nightstands and so on. Not as many as some homeschoolers, but probably more than the average non-homeschooler!)

I attack this project like a mad woman, determined to get it done in two days, grabbing books off the shelf, blowing the dust off any rarely used ones, dusting off the shelf, and tossing the books (gently!) into piles: give away, sell, keep on this shelf, put on a different shelf.

Like Alicia, I always love the challenge of getting organized, and this project is a doozy for that. By the end of the school year the bookshelves are in disarray; organizing them provides a particular sense of satisfaction.

Then there are the bonuses: finding books you forgot you had; discovering a book that would be "just perfect" for a certain family member right now; finding that you do have a nice collection of living history books, after all; figuring out a way to make Too Few Bookshelves work for at least another year.

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