Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Helpful Organizational Products

Just a few days ago I discovered the new jumbo-sized Ziploc bags for storing things like clothing and sleeping bags. These are so nice for some of the stuff I don't have time to put away, are too bulky for Rubbermaid tubs or need to store for just a short period of time in the basement. I think these will be helpful for some of our family vacations as well (packing for eight can be so complicated, especially when we're visiting a number of spots).

I've also found some nice products at Their velvet-covered CD holders are really nice (especially since we keep our CDs and DVDs in binders instead of the original cases). We keep one near each CD or DVD player and it keeps things safe for awhile. They have hefty-sized lazy-susans and all sorts of goodies. Prices aren't that great and shipping is a little expensive too.

Are there any organizational products or suppliers that you've found particularly helpful?


shana said...

Rubbermaid and Sterilite containers are great for storage, and they stack nice. I love the plastic ziploc bags, too. The freezer ones are the sturdiest for storing a lot of things, like crayons and supplies.

arlawless said...

Hey Alicia,

We have a Container Store here in San Diego. I love to go in look around, but as you said, the prices aren't very good. Actually, the items are downright expensive! It's really a fun shop to visit, though. Even if you don't end up buying their (overpriced) products, the shop gives some good ideas for organization.

Love your blogs! :-)


Love2Learn Mom said...

You know, Molly, it's funny you said that because one time I made up a big shopping cart on the container store website, printed it up and brought it Walmart and found other versions of most of what I wanted. There are things that are harder to find, though, like the lazy susans we needed for our corner cabinets that needed to be just the right size. Glad you like the blogs. :)