Friday, August 26, 2005

Question of the Week - August 26, 2005

One of the toughest parts of homeschooling is having the discipline as a parent to keep on top of your children's needs and help with the follow through in their academic work. What kind of disciplines (for example: not answering the phone during part of the day) do you use to help keep yourself on track with homeschooling?


Mary G said...

Well....I try to stay away from the computer (and have been not TOO wfully bad this year, but then we've only been in "school" 2 weeks!)

I also have stopped answering the phone -- we have caller id and unless it's dh, I let voicemail catch it.

I changed our schedule slightly so that instead of getting the kids up and started by 6:30/7, my dh and oldest son are out by 6:45/7, I'm breakfasted and showered by 6:30 and I spend the hour/hour-and-a-half checking emails, prepping for school, doing laundry and minimal cleanup than get the kids up by about 8, starting school by 8:30 -- much better this year!

That's as disciplined as I can be!


Nancy C. Brown said...

I, too, let the answering machine get the phone. I check up on homework before lunch, correcting the math each day before we move on.
In order for me to feel OK in the morning, I make everyone help me with chores before we start. That means someone starts a load of laundry, we empty the dishwasher and re-load with breakfast dishes, if we're making bread, that's started, the living room and kitchen (which are in my view) are picked up (for my visual sanity). This usually only takes maybe 1/2 hour, but it helps so much. If I get down to lunch and there are dishes in the sink, I just seem to sink, too.
Also, during school, I try not to schedule anything for the morning. No grocery shopping either. Even an orthodontist appointment can throw things off if it's in the morning.
Also, if something is on my mind, a worry or concern, a problem, I write it down, and try to give it over to God and then, put it out of my mind so I can concentrate. I can be so easily distracted by a sick parent, a sister's potential miscarriage, a difficult neighborhood situation, but none of that will help me concentrate on teaching my children. So, a brief prayer about all my concerns goes a long way.