Friday, February 24, 2006

The Learning Calendar

The Learning Calendar is a wonderful, easy-to-use teaching tool. It is an award winning calendar of 365 historical facts with dozens of simple activity ideas and trivia questions. The calendar is quite large so that a paragraph of information will fit on each day. It's colorful, well-designed and easy to read. Most days also include a picture or drawing of the person or event. Geography is included by asking the student to find the country or city mentioned in the entry for the day. In addition, there is a map of the world at the back of the calendar for students to trace the travels of the explorers mentioned on the calendar.

We have ours in the back hall so that we can review the event of the day while either putting shoes/coats/boots on or off.

It is a wonderful way to learn bit by bit. It isn't overwhelming, it invites further learning (asking you to find something on a map, or encouraging people to follow the example of a great person such as Blessed Mother Teresa) as well as encouraging the student to think about a wide variety of historical figures.

Additional free activities corresponding to the calendar pages can be found at the web site. Crosswords, wordsearches, mazes and other printables are available. In addition, links are found to the web sites of related historical events mentioned on the calendar.

It only takes 30 seconds a day to learn a little bit more about history with this calendar.

Order from The Learning Calendar at or call 1-800-335-5621 Group discounts available.

If there is any criticism I can give it (and this is minor and more a printing thing) it was that when we first got the calendar, it really smelled powerfully. We had to air it out for several days just to come near it.

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