Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Story of Cardinal George

The Story of Cardinal George: The boy who wanted to be a Priest. The God who wanted him to be a Prince.
by Father Eugene Keusal
Illustrated by Madeleine Ferrara
Available at:
Dooley Books
53 West Jackson #1240
Chicago, IL 60604
1-2: $5.00/ea.
3-9: $4.00
10 or more: $3.00
Shipping and handling is $0.50 per book.

Children who live in the Archdiocese of Chicago know that their Cardinal Archbishop is Francis Cardinal George. But do they know anything at all about his life?

After meeting Cardinal George at a mass at our parish, I was immediately struck by two facts: one--that he was much shorter than I imagined him to be, and two--that he walked with a limp. I was curious about that limp, but never expected to have that particular curiosity satisfied.

But now I know the story, after reading The Story of Cardinal George. This fascinating children's book tells an interesting tale of the childhood and dashed plans of a young boy who was struck with polio in his 8th grade year. I couldn't help but think of how many times in my life I've made plans, and then they don't work out--the way I see things. But just like Cardinal George, God has a plan for my life, and sometimes I just don't see clearly when things don't work out for me, they are working out just fine for God.

I think this is a very good lesson for children to realize, and the story of Cardinal George tells it very well. Cardinal George had to find a new way, a new path, his life took a different turn than the plans he first made. God had other plans and through George's obedience, he is doing God's will as our Cardinal.

I liked how the book described George as a young boy, playing baseball, football, swimming, and how he was a musician and an artist, as well.

The illustrations are simple, but well done. The only criticism I have of the book, and I have this with many similar books, is that now that we have a new Pope, the mention of Pope John Paul II dates the book. However, if you are reading the book out loud to your little ones, you can easily change the words quickly to Pope Benedict.

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