Monday, September 11, 2006

An Alphabet of Catholic Saints: a new gem

An Alphabet of Catholic Saints

Children's Picture Book, 60 pages, 8 1/2" X 8 1/2", all full color illustrations.

Deluxe Soft cover edition $11.95: ISBN 0-9787035-1-0
Hardcover edition $19.95:ISBN 0-9787035-0-2

Available from Joseph Heartprint, the new publishing division of Catholic Atworks, at

From the Publisher: "Fresh colorful illustrations and delightful rhymes create a fun and exciting introduction to the Saints from A to Z. Available in both soft and hardcover, it is sure to become one of your children's favorite books to read! "

Our family is crazy about picture books, saints books *and* alphabet books: this fantastic new publication fits all of the above. In fact, it was some timeafter my order arrived before I could get my hands on it: a Catholic homeschool mother who was over visiting opened the package and enjoyed reading it with a large sample size of our children before I could even see it!

Each page has a whole-page illustration of the saint and the letter of the alphabet where it belongs: St. Martin de Porres uses the legs of the capital M to hang his laundry and St. Zita uses the bottom leg of the Z to store her jars of food. The illustrations are at the same childish and realistic with enough details to entertain the adult reader. The four-line verses are delightful and contain an important aspect of the saints’ life. Blessed Kateri’s reads:

As the Lily of the Mohawk,

Kateri was sweet and pure.

She kept her faith with patience,

all the way to heaven’s door.

Below the verses the authors added a few lines about the life of each saint, and I think this was a very clever idea. For one thing it allowed them to be able to focus at times on very minor aspects of their lives in their verses without leaving aside what was essential about each of them.

I enjoyed the quality of this book, as well as the publisher’s website: Joseph’s Heartprint is the new publishing branch of Catholic Artworks, a company made up of authors Brenda and George Nippert and their six children, who have been providing artwork to direct sales people since 1989--as stated in their website. Catholic homeschool families receive a hefty discount of 50% off any of their products and their free shipping is icing on the cake! Enjoy this new gem!

Sample page from their website

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