Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Review: Who's My Baby? Memory Matching

published by Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Memory has always been a favorite game in our family; partly because it's easy for even the young non-readers in the family and also because there are so many fun variations on the game.

Now we have a new favorite Memory game for the very youngest members of the family. The game involves matching photos of mother animals with their babies.. The cards are super heavy-duty (of a similar thickness to the original Memory games but more like the size of playing cards) with lovely photographs of each animal.

There are 18 sets of animals and the suggested game method is to separate the Mom and Baby cards into two separate areas in order to make the game simpler for beginners. The game comes with a paper mat to help organize these, but that mat got shredded very quickly in our house. It really doesn't matter though, since simply dividing them into two different sections works just fine.

Available from your local educational store or from the publisher.

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