Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Review: An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston

An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston; illustrated by Sylvia Long
2006, Chronicle Books, 30 pages, hardcover

Truly a "living book" in the fullest sense, An Egg is Quiet is a visual delight, full of soft, gentle colors and beautiful pages that manages to incorporate a great deal of scientific information without looking like a science book at all. This is a field guide to eggs for the youngest scientists, perhaps through the early elementary grades, that also feels like a story book with a surprise, but not wholly unexpected, ending. It will be nearly impossible to resist drawing and sketching and painting from the numerous illustrations in the text; a young or young-at-heart nature artist will be busy for days and days. Featuring eggs from birds, reptiles, and insects, the primary text on each page appears in a large, calligraphic cursive font so that Mother may not need her reading glasses. Supplementary notes about specific illustrations are included in an easier-to-read, smaller printed font. An Egg is Quiet is a perfect addition to your Lenten reading basket or any springtime nature study. Be sure to bring home a new sketch pad and color pencils when you bring home this book!

Non-fiction, early elementary

Reviewed by Susan Kalis (1-27-07)
Available from your local library or bookstore

Note Bene: This was just announced as the winner of the Cybil Award for Non-Fiction Picture Books

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Amazing! I just last night gave this book to our seven year old as a Valentine's Day gift!