Sunday, July 01, 2007

Review: We the People, The Battle of Bunker Hill

We the People, The Battle of Bunker Hill by Mary Englar, 2007, Compass Point Books, 48 pages, Hardcover.

In lively prose, We the People, The Battle of Bunker Hill recounts the events leading up to the Battle of Bunker Hill. What makes this book exceptional is its layout. The easy-to-read text is outlined in a border, creating a frame effect. Every two page spread includes colorful pictures or maps. Although the text is easy to read, the information is not dumbed down. Well written, the storytelling format holds the reader’s attention to the end.

The book also includes a glossary, interesting facts (called “Did you know?), important dates, important people, resources for further study, including web cites, library books, and places to visit. There is also a helpful table of contents and index.

This book is part of a series entitled We the People, covering “key events” in U.S. history.

For those studying the American Revolution, this book would make an ideal Living Book addition to this time period.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Yank 7/01/07

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