Sunday, November 25, 2007

Review: Advent Reflections, Come, Lord Jesus!

Advent Reflections, Come, Lord Jesus! by Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, 2007, Our Sunday Visitor, 64 pages, softcover, Catholic.

In Advent Reflections, Come, Lord Jesus! Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan shares four meditations, one for each week of Advent: “The Threes Comings of Jesus,” “St. John the Baptist,” St. Joseph: A Man Forgotten,” and “Our Blessed Mother Mary.”

With his earthy, conversational tone, Archbishop Dolan’s speaks to our hearts. As he talks about St. John the Baptist, he says, “You see, John’s entire ministry was captured in that one moment when he eyeballs Jesus coming out of the desert and bellows out to the crowd, pointing to Christ, ‘Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!’ (John 1:29). That was his job description—to point out Christ. With that, his job was done. He could have retired to Sun City.”

Archbishop Dolan combines teaching, inspiration, personal experience, and scripture in this lively text. To illustrate a point he is making, he weaves in short personal stories or adds scriptural passages that add depth and meaning.

Too often we listen to a sermon or read a spiritual book and later can’t recall what we have heard or read. To help us better remember his essential points, Archbishop Dolan uses catchy phrases. In describing “The Three Comings of Christ,” he says, “Our Lord comes to us in history, mystery, and majesty.”

Advent is a time of waiting and longing for the coming of our Lord. With all the bustle of Christmas preparations, it is easy to lose our focus on what this season is all about. Archbishop Dolan seeks to keep this message of hope alive with words of inspiration, questions for us to reflect on, and a prayer to carry us into the coming week.

Although there is only one meditation per week, instead of daily, there is plenty for us to reflect on during the week.

Not just “pretty” words, Advent Reflections, Come, Lord Jesus! challenges us to put our faith in action. This is an ideal resource for the whole family.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Yank (11/25/2007).

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