Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Book Giveaway - Angel in the Waters

Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman, illustrated by Ben Hatke

2004, Sophia Institute Press, 48 pages, softcover, Catholic

Inspirational! Impressive! Instructional!

This picture book has a beautiful pro-life lesson for the very youngest among us to the oldest. It tells the story of a baby from conception through birth and into infancy without any details that will require further explanation to our little ones. Told in the first person, the text is brief and easy to read but contains far more depth than most picture books. Simple yet engaging artwork, with peaceful colors and a dreamlike quality, compliments the text. Even my 4-year-old noticed that at the baby's birth, the page backgrounds changed from dark to bright white; while I don't think that he recognizes the symbolism yet, it certainly captured his attention.

Without directly teaching, the author skillfully reminds us that life begins in the womb, with baby aware of sounds and light and warmth. The baby's guardian angel, depicted as a star rather than the traditional winged creature, is more spiritual than physical and accompanies baby from conception onward. The angel is intelligent and gentle while guiding and reassuring baby, hinting at eternal life beyond this earthly one.

Donated by the author, Regina Doman.

You can read and order the book online through the book's own website here. (It's also available in Spanish!)

Review by Susan Kalis

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If you'd like to enter the drawing for this book, please leave a comment on this post by tomorrow night (Thursday, January 10th) at midnight. The drawing will be held on Friday morning, January 11th. The first FIVE names drawn will receive copies of this book!

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