Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ana's Picture Book of the Week

The Victory Garden Vegetable Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta and Edgar Stewart, 1992 Charlesbridge Publishing, 32 pages.

I found this in our library's seasonal display... copyright 1992, certainly not a new title, but my love for alphabet books and vegetables together made me decide to take a look.
Product description: Bestselling author Jerry Pallotta teams up with former Victory Garden host Bob Thomson to present 26 common and not-so-common vegetables. Learn about fiddleheads, munchkin pumpkins, sweet peas, walla wallas, and more. This informative book also includes a brief introduction to soil preparation and seed planting. 30 color illustrations.
These times of economic slump and contaminated foods from doubtful origins is seeing a huge growth in home gardening. I have seen this new trend being referred to as Victory Gardens all over again. This is a nice and informative book for children, most especially children whose parents want to encourage to get out there and help! The illustrations are very realistic and seem to be based on photos.

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