Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Homeschool Connections

You may still be trying to organize your spring semester for your high schooler. If so, consider some of the online course offerings provided by Homeschool Connections, including theology, philosophy, literature, science, and history.

I would especially like to highlight a pair of courses
  • An Introduction to Logic, which is a six-week online course (Jan. 13- Feb. 24) I'm teaching using Memoria Press's Traditional Logic text book by Martin Cothran.
  • Fallacies and Paradoxes, a follow-up course taught by Prof. Jean Rioux, of Benedictine College (March 23-April 27).

Note: either course can be taken as a stand-alone.

Other courses being offered include:
  • Marketing: Jesus and Main Street with Derek Prentice
  • History: Roots of the Revolt (1417-1560) with Phillip Campbell
  • History: The Age of the Religious Wars (1560-1648) with Phillip Campbell
  • Life Skills: Career Search Skills with Derek Prentice
  • Literature: Chesterton; Man of Letters with Robert Gotcher, Ph.D.
  • Literature: Homer's Odyssey: The Soul of Pre-Socratic Wisdom with Henry Russell, Ph.D.
  • Literature: Virgil's Aeneid: The Founding of Nations in the Will of God with Henry Russell, Ph.D.
  • Logic: Introduction to Logic with Robert Gotcher, Ph.D.
  • Philosophy: Fallacies and Paradoxes with Jean Rioux, Ph.D.
  • Science: Immunity: In Sickness and in Health with Kris Correira, PA
  • Science: Blood: In Sickness and in Health with Kris Correira, PA
  • Theology: Social Ethics with Monica Ashour, MTS

Descriptions and registration information can be found here.

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