Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

Please join in this novena for the little daughter of a good friend of mine. Imelda had chicken pox and got some blisters apparently inside her eyelids, which then got infected. She is currently in the pediatric ICU at a local hospital and it's all quite scary. The infection seems to have spread over at least one side of her face. There's a lot of swelling also, and redness has spread over the side of her face, her neck and upper back. She's heavily medicated right now. Because of the proximity of the eyes to the brain, there is a possibility that the infection could spread to the brain. Also lots of other nasty possibles. Her baby brother (#10 in this Catholic homeschool family) is due in a week or so ... much stress for the mom, my dear friend Lisa.

Please pray for them, and for the doctors and nurses involved in her care that all should be done the best possible way.

Thank you, & God bless you,

UPDATE on Imelda:
Amazing things have been happening, thanks to everyone's prayers!

The doctors had thought that she would need to stay in the hospital 7-10 days and that there was a serious possibility of eye or even brain damage. But she is now HOME - wow, just amazed and thanking the Lord!

She is still on medications but off the IVs and she can see with both eyes (for a while she could not see at all because of the swelling around the "good" eye too).

From Lisa:
Once again we are blown away at the power of our prayer family. We are extremely pleased that the doctor felt like Imelda "just looks too good to be here anymore" . We will continue her antibiotics orally and have follow up work to do with the doctors but they felt like her best treatment now was to be home with family and she was thrilled to see them all. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. It is awesome to see God's hand at work in all of you.

Please continue to pray because it does look like there's damage to her eyelid on the infected eye, and she's not nearly finished healing yet. Thank you!!

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