Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ana's Picture Book of the Week

Irena Sendler and the Children of the Warsaw Ghetto by Susan Goldman Rubin, illustrated by Bill Farnsworth, 2011 Holiday House, NY.

Among the new books we picked up at the library last week, there is this gem. I had heard about her story from my sister who watched the film starring Anna Paquin, but this film is yet to be available on Netflix. The book has wonderful illustrations and tells the story of the courageous Catholic nurse who was able to use creativity and courage to save hundreds of Jewish children from the sub-human conditions of life in the Warsaw ghetto. A story of charity and courage changing the life of so many! A must read!

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Love2Learn Mom said...

Yay! We love this story because of the film too. We also noticed that the film hasn't been available from Netflix or Amazon, but we managed to pick up a copy from eBay, I think, a few Christmasses ago. Wonderful story!